Businesses are prone to losses from opportunistic and well-planned burglaries. The majority of business burglaries occur at night. The following tips will help you protect your businesses:

  • Use several security methods; do not rely on one solution.
  • Test your alarm system regularly.
  • Ensure ALL your staff is alert to suspicious behaviour.
  • Confirm that your security arrangements are in place and in good working order. Have your alarm system regularly checked for performance and possible upgrades.
  • Make sure IMC has the correct key holder details.
  • Illuminate all exterior points of entry with permanent fixtures that are difficult to reach or tamper with. This will increase the chances of intruders being noticed.
  • Install entry protection alarms to detect the breaking of windows and the opening of doors.
  • Place security signs and stickers on points of entry to serve as deterrents to criminals.
  • Use electronic access systems rather than traditional keys; access cards cannot be easily duplicated.