Wireless Alarm System (optional extras)


Price includes our R398.00 Annual Network Communication Fee.

Take control of your security
Step 1: Purchase and install your wireless alarm system.
Step 2: Contact IMC Reaction and sign up for Monitoring for R249.00 pm. This will include the linked smart phone application.
Step 3: Control your alarm with your smart phone application.

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Product information:

The alarm control panel is a fully wireless, hybrid alarm system. This means you can install wired zones only, wireless zones only, or a combination of both. The system is currently limited to 15 zones.

Installation scenarios:

The system can be installed anywhere in South-Africa, provided that there is sufficient cellular data coverage.

  • Residential installation with inside and outside sensors.
  • Commercial installation with inside and outside sensors.
  • Mobile application – Protect your tent/ caravan when camping, fishing etc.
  • Vehicle installations – protect your car.
  • Take your system with you when you move

Special end-user features include:

  • Three different chime modes
  • Three different sleep modes
  • Two-way remote communication
  • Android and IOS application (only active when monitored by IMC Reaction)

In addition to the end-user features, the system is also fitted with a GPRS-transmitter that will send specific information like zone descriptions and opening and closing signals to the IMC Reaction control room.

The system is incredibly advanced with regards to technical support. It can be accessed remotely and faults can be analyzed and rectified without having to send out a technician.

Cellphone Application

There is an application available for smart phones and devices to access the Alarm Control Panel, as well as the GSM Communicator.

The app is available in both Android and Apple versions.

The app will only connect to the supplied alarm panel, or GSM Communicators, which are equipped with Sabre Radio Networks provisioned modems.
• User-friendly interface
• The Application is available in both Android and Apple smart phones
• Displays Arm status of panel, AC power and if the panel is in alarm
• Away Arm, Stay Arm in 3 modes and Disarm panel
• Bypass zones
• Check status of zones
• Optional push notifications

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