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In tough
economic times, we see the emergence of many new security companies in our
neighbourhoods. To guard or patrol, or if anyone has a toolbox, they can work
on electric fences, gates and alarms. Unfortunately, there is a lot more to
security than this. Most of these new companies in time will be absorbed by
bigger ones. Even large companies sell out, e.g. the recent acquisition of ADT
by Fidelity Security Group.

(Independent Monitoring Centre), with over 25 years experience, we strive to
give you the best electronic security possible, as well as enabling you to
monitor and control your own system at the most affordable pricing. To this
end, we have introduced a low cost/high tech system that you can control via an
app on your smartphone anywhere in the country that is within a cellphone
network area. You can upgrade your current security in your homes and
businesses using this new system. It is wireless and so you can also have a
unit to be used at your holiday home, caravan, campsite, or in your vehicle.
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